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ELETE 25ml

Dehydration while playing sport is a nightmare.  We've all been there - waited until we got thirsty before drinking, decided to go "just another mile or two" before re-filling a bottle, drinking just plain water on a hot day etc etc.  Well, this little bottle could be the answer - at 25ml and just three inches high (so v. easily carried), it contains a taste-free mix of potassium, magnesium, sodium and chloride in ionically-charged form, which enables each element to be absorbed to maximum effect.   Just fill the cap and add to your bottle or drinks bladder (25ml makes 10 litres), then stash it back in a pocket or bum-bag.  When it's empty, you can re-use by unscrewing the dropper-head and topping up from an Elete refill bottle - click here for more details.



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*** 5/8/2010 - JUST had this email from Lakeland 100-mile finisher Gary Warmington:  

"Did Lakeland 100 last w/e and the 25ml bottle kept two of us going for the whole race, having a little squirt about every hour.

We started using after CP1 and I didn't get any nausea or have trouble eating or drinking which is what I was worried about the most.
Thanks for your advice, I really think it got me round."
Thanks for the review Gary - it's always good to hear when kit works!



We love Elete - it's taste-free, easily absorbed, and simple to carry on long training runs and races.   Avoids all that messing around with powders and dissolvable tablets...  

Andy: On the 45-mile Four Inns race, I added a bit to my drinks bladder at the start, but once that ran out just squirted a bit of Elete in my mouth every couple of hours and washed it down with water - it's the first time on a race of that length I've not even had a twinge of cramp.  Check out our Elete News item here...

ELETE 25ml

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